Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fict or Fiction, Frict or Friction, Vrker or Vixen?

Etymology. Ate-'em-all-ogy.

The science of having eaten them all. All what you ask? Is there a need to specify?

No. All is word in the arena of etymology with the exception of a few old bones and a few dna studies.

This is eating language. All words are eaten. All are consumed, devoured and fully investigated in all cynicism, in all neutral honesty, and in every direction, imagined or real.

All computational possibilities are examined. Occam's razor determines the cut.

Part 1 <=We'll eat that*  (*we'll eat "We'll eat that" too)** (**We'll eat "too" too) [and that will complete part one] and gives us the name of the next part: Two (2).

The Body of Part 1: to be continued..

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