Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Be Love. Cit Ca

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subliminal messages are often implanted into captures by the illuminate, imo.

3 kind options and 1 cruel, how cruel to split the kind?

 (if not for the good ideas at the top and the bottom, the third option may have taken more than 50% of the vote. A vote for 1 or 4 is a vote for 3, & vice-versa)
How should Britain's drug problem be tackled?
lol lol lol lol lol half harder!

Total Votes: 6,833


24 Mar at 8:23 AM

How should Britain's drug problem be tackled?
Total Votes: 10,375

Markets Speak Volumes. What's Your Language?

Cannabis Science (CBIS)
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Markets Speak Volumes. What's Your Language?

Cannabis Science (CBIS)
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Champagne is now acceptable, like Cannabis Science.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Secret Diary of a Lore'd Gnode: Cremasteric Procrastinations

This article first appeared in Molecular Testicles, February 1994, Volume 93, Number 2, pp. 254-260.

Testicular ascent is being held in great suspicion today. The cremasteric reflex is the physical process which lifts the testes either when it is cold (supposedly to maintain the correct temperature) or when there is danger (supposedly to protect the gonads).

Supposedly (read the article then read the comments). - (Did you notice how the guys who knew about other animal's breeding specifics were easily able to rip apart every detail of the 'temperature regulation hypothesis'?)

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yep, you'd have a tough time damaging or freezing my eggs. I keep them inside me, not far from my heart, not far from my stomach.

So why leave the male contribution to reproduction out in the cold? Vulnerable? Why risk the endocrine system? It just does.not.make.sense?

The official explanation? Body temperature is the wrong temperature for producing sperm. Why is this? Why don't all animals and flowers need a different temperature to produce their gametes? It doesn't appear to be a prerequisite of evolution, though it seems to go hand in hand with being a mammal.

Increasing temperature will usually increase the rate at which a chemical reaction or organic process will progress. It will also increase the number of reactions which are permitted to begin.

The only good reason one can think of for having a body part protrude, is to get a better 'look' if it's a sense (eyes on stalks, microphones on stalks) or to get a better reach if it's a mechanical function. It is difficult to establish any useful mechanical function for the testicles so we may begin to wonder what kind of 'sensing' ability the testicles possess?

In comes our team of Italian Scientists who claim to have found a way of recording sound onto junk DNA. Or were they Russian Scientists?...

We hypothesise that the genetic material in newly developed sperm is made 'writeable' by raising the temperature and changing the concentration of chemicals in the testes (Carbonyl Diamide being my favourite name of the prime suspect chemical). In the female, this process would more than likely either be ongoing, not-occurring, or running very slowly and would change more due to internal stimulus from the mother than to external stimulus such as those picked up by the testes.

In a dangerous situation, or a situation where the body is very cold, the testes become writeable then whatever happens to the male, whether it be fending off a sabre tooth tiger or finding a way to warm himself, the events (sounds, feelings, a few thoughts, smells, maybe light) that save his life are written to the junk DNA in the sperm in his testicles. When danger has passed, the testes lower which reduces the temperature and the concentration of chemicals which makes them write-protected. If coitus results in the next two or three days, the survival lessons do not get overwritten by mundane events and can be passed on to progeny who then may gain a millisecond advantage if the same situation comes up again in that lifetime (or if a lady ever needs to speak Japanese, which she's never ever learnt, on television).

Perhaps there is no more dangerous situation than a crocodile or a dragon sneaking up on you. This might explain why monkeys and men can see behind them with their balls yet whales, elephants, and armadillos never saw the need.

750 MB of DNA in each gamete. Only a small part encodes the body architecture. What is the rest for? Long range order has been found in junk DNA and it's purpose is as-yet unknown.

Ask yourself: Why are testicles where they are? If you were designing your own body, where would you put yours?

A recent study (pdf) suggests that women prefer to keep theirs private, while men are more likely to have theirs on display.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Autism caused by 'The Weather'?

Firstly we must make our position clear on global warming. We do not deny that it may be anthropogenic but we do deny that anyone can prove that it is anthropogenic. We believe that past weather or current trend is no guarantee of future weather.

We believe that an Ice Age could come soon. Rather, we believe that the current interglacial may end soon. This has happened many times before, and has happened to the human race and it's ancestors several times. Before the advent of agriculture and civilisation, an ice age meant two things:

1) Reliable food supplies may no longer be reliable
2) Extreme weather and famine can cause populations to split into two or more groups which then find themselves separated for a considerable number of generations.

So it goes a little something like this:

The weather changes and the population gets split up to evolve separately. The change in weather has an effect on the food supply leading to the need for new adaptations and sometimes resorting to consumption of conspecifics. Given that humans are apex predators, then who is the predator in a meeting between two humans where one must eat the other or both will die?

Given four billion years of evolution, she will have sensed the change in the weather several generations in advance and requested a set of genetic changes to be introduced in some individuals. It is these individuals who are given the biological destiny of rising to the trophic level above themselves when disaster strikes and the consumption of conspecifics is the only option for the continuing survival of the human race.

This probably applies more to our Neanderthal ancestors than to us. It was harder up north when it were ice age!

Monday, 20 February 2012

What is Anonymous?

We are Anonymous. We are unbounded, limitless; we are less a collective and more the idea of a collective, an idea communicated through action; we are the strange and circling stars, ineffable and intractable, we are the love and lust for freedom which forms the white hot cores and births the white hot light. We are a wondrous, impalpable thing. We are as infinite and ancient and all-pervading as the human love of freedom. We are the ever-present storms which rise when circumstance and courage collide to feed upon the tainted crowns of tainted kings; we dip our tongues of mischief between the peaks of their corroded gold so that we may all know of and rejoice in the weakness of the metals which have too long been the symbols of our subjugation. We choose to no longer serve as the cough of canaries in your morbid mines; instead we shall be the glorious, promising pulse through its rocky veins. Yes, we are the glorious, promising pulse.

We will not be constricted. We refute their lies and resist their restriction. We recognize the authority of neither borders nor kings. Instead we recognize the sovereignty of the individual. We recognize the power and beauty of a collective of free individuals, each employing their unique capabilities toward a common end. We seek to joyfully raze the entrapments which would plague our days and fetter our freedom. We dance round the wild and expanding fires of liberty. We are the inchoate, blistering lights flooding the eyes of petty clerks and imposing tyrants who have come to see that we now realize what they have for so long known: that neither they nor their system is invincible, that it is a false fatalism they sell to the public, that things need not be as they are; that a better world is possible. The vulnerabilities of their system we expose as evidence of the existence of this possibility. It is a symbol of possibility meant to inspire action and hope. It is a call to arms, a call empowered by each of our successes in exhibiting the faults lines which with hungry smiles creep up the walls of their deceptive pose of invulnerability.

It is this possibility they fear and deny. They wish us to disbelieve, in ourselves and each other. They sell us death and wish us to be calmed by the caress of its cold fingers. They wish us to thank them for each act by which they further negate our livelihood, by which they further degrade our spirit. They wish us to accept as impossible that which in its very real possibility haunts them in their assumed invincibility, that which crawls beneath the widening cracks of their armor of false luster and artifice, which peeks out to signal the precariousness of their position; the truth is of course that their power is wholly derived from our continued willingness to submit to them; thus we are smothered by our own submission, and a lacking awareness of the mechanisms by which it is perpetuated; a spurning or fearing of sight. Their structures may claim to be invincible only so insofar as they remain invisible, only insofar as they are successful in selling us the thin, spurious skin of delusion, in which wrap up our doubts, a thin spread clouding which just barely obtains the desired occlusion of the true face; the face of the void on which they ride, the face of their precarity and dependence; the true face which they so dearly fear our eyes will find. For they have founded their vicious, expansive palaces on a crafty folding of air, a transparent trickery which gains efficacy only in its ruthlessness; a spiraling structured void, a structure which now frays, for as our eyes rise we come to see that we are bound only by loose ends wickedly amalgamated; we are bound by and to illusion. And our ghostly binds depend on our willful provision of the thread of self.

They would have us bound to the rocks of our despair and accepted futility, to a modern ennui and idleness. They would have us purchase and nurse our own hungry, preying birds, and offer up gladly our writhing wounds and gasping organs, to revel in the tearing of flesh, to reveal in our own destruction. They would have us oil our chains and sing of the nobility of their binding strength and imposing gleam. And to them we say: we refuse. They shall now bask in the unbound fires of our unbinding. And as the people and the land are warmed and emboldened by this fiery unbinding, their oppressive deceptions and dark clusters of coercion dissolve into an ashy, revelatory wind. We lift our faces warm and bright to the revelatory ash of your undone delusions. We embrace of combusting kingdoms. Our actions shall ramify the agents of this combustion.

We have often bartered an acquiescence of self for the promise of momentary relief offered by their corrosive goods. Yet we now see that they have sold us a true plague but a false cure, a cure which in its falseness burns to increase the felt truth of this plague. But we do not seek false advancement of false amelioration; we do not seek to come on our knees to the latest showing of their meretricious wares and wagging tongues. We seek to uproot this poisonous growth; we seek to uproot the very nature which fosters this malicious growing. We shall toil with luminous blades forged in the enflamed hearts of the free and resisting, blades which will not bend under the desperate pressing of their gnarling claws and sparkles, for such blades are of a world and substance which transcends the powers of their cruel implements.

We are the ever-expanding awareness, we are the ever-expanding fount from which flows the ancient acts of resistance and freedom. They would have their liveried rats gnaw the people unopposed, gnaw the bones of the poor and tired in an unopposed death revelry. They would profit off the sale of this exposed marrow and these terrible cries. They would make a lugubrious lamp oil of the fat and blood, they would spend their days bathed in the morbid light of anguish exacted, would swell their palace halls with augmenting mirrors to seal the fate and fear of the nervous, trembling onlookers, to extract submission under threat of violent fate from false black suns. And they would have us all accept with a smiling deference and surrender of freedom.

We have come to oppose them, we have come to present the option of resistance, to, with our acts, make the case for it viability. It this option which has long haunted and stirred the deepest unstill waters of the subjugated and oppressed; we merely present in our action one way which this long extant option can be realized, and we ask that all join us. These rulers and elite cabals fear life, they fear the people, the love of freedom and resistance to tyranny with which we are innately imbued. They fear the awareness we spread through our actions. The awareness that, when they tell us of the weakness of our being and the futility of our actions, they lie; when they tell us of the absolute strength of their position and the justness of their actions, they lie. Their strength stands only in our belief in, and submission to, it. We no longer believe, and we will no longer submit.

To all you who love freedom and resist tyranny, we invite you to join us, to act with us. Each day launch off your hopeful bright balconies a million little rockets of resistance. Assist us as we ravage them by the same electric hands and calculations which they wish to see us ravaged by. They think all these lovely gathered nodes, the night glow of all these unfolding flowers speaking in a wiry wind, are but another tool to aid them in their oppressive ventures, by which their power may be increased, their fortunes grown, their enemies crushed, our freedom curtailed. We say it is for quite the opposite purpose that these gathered nodes join hearts and sing. We act to show this to the world. And their hegemonies shall quake under the force of our laughter, under the strain of the seriousness and determination in our struggle. It is just one medium for action, of course, but is it not a special joy to see their own armies of malignant formula freed from malignancy and turned against the forces which would deform us all? But this as we said is merely one expression of our passion and purpose. Although we believe such electronic actions, the smashing and hacking, frenzied numbered dancing, the quick clever logic unspooled into the world, the elegant employ of tactical maths, while we believe them both effective and promising, a venue deserving of further investment and development, that which can be said to be Anonymous appears in many forms.

Our forces often rise undeclared. Sparks of resistance with which we feel solidarity are continually birthing hope and truth and beauty all across the hopeful fields of this embattled world. All love of freedom and action toward liberty may be considered to be acts of Anonymous, even if they are not designated as such in name. And think of all those who toiled in history, who labored courageous and untiring and unknown, to make for us what life and freedom we now hold; those who persisted and held at bay for one day longer the forces of fear and injustice which encircled them in in insufferable swaths of cruel-toothed, dark smiles, those who threw themselves courageously into these merciless mouths of suffering so that we may now yet have the chance to act. Be you Anonymous in name or spirit, be you struggling with us declared or undeclared, it is all the same; it is the common end we seek which drives us forward; it is the love of freedom and the wish to see all at last free.

Our actions speak directly to that most human, universal love of freedom which may be feared, terrorized, repressed, but which is never quieted in entirety or extinguished absolutely; that which forever roils in the hearts of us all and rebukes us for our submission and inaction; that which when witness to the unlocking of possibility is enkindled and inspired to act itself. Toward this universal enkindling we act. Thus, we are legion.

At every turn we are witness to the horrors of injustice, at every turn we are set upon by the unceasing cries of those they wound with their cruel injustices; these cries carve their horrors against our days, they clot our joys and compel our resistance. They speak in tongues of blood and terror, and mark indelible atrocity across the face of human history. Thus, we never forgive.

And under sound of these terrible cries they act with a renewed passion to turn their cruel screws against the flesh of a writhing, withering populace; they seek an absolute submission and compliance, an inescapable state of degradation; they seek an omnipresent power that shall leave no corner of our being unsubjugated; one that shall never be sated, and that will always strike toward conquest if even for a moment the eye of awareness is turned from its devouring maw; they seek to devour our awareness and remembrance, the awareness of our potential, the remembrance of our past courageous struggles and victories; the awareness of their treachery, the remembrance of their crimes and cruelty and betrayal. They wish to make of us a malleable oblivion suited to and receptive of the intricacies of their dooming of humanity. Thus, we never forget.

Their crimes, with proud and preening and sickly eyes, strike against the very core of our humanity, a core which has before, under stress of similar blows, risen to resist, and which shall rise to resist again; to be realized in resistance. We will all soon experience our greatness and courage, collectively and individually. We will all become great in the striving courage of struggle. We will work together against the forces of constriction and cruelty; we adopt all enemies of freedom as our own. We will circle, luminous, potent, unceasing, like a thousand eternal, furious stars, bright with bliss and rage, their palace grounds of brutality, to deliver a heat and hope with which may be built the fall of tyrants. Tyrants have fallen, and they shall once more fall. They shall fall under this bright, furious, undying light. They shall fall under the light of freedom.

Thus, expect us.

(Released in support of, and in solidarity with, those arrested on July 19th 2011; remain strong friends. And to the grand and noble magistrates and monarchs we say: you only further reveal your officious impotence. Scurry as your clerks and sentries may, you cannot stem the spread of our allure, the allure of an awakening to freedom; and you look weak in the glow of freedom’s encroaching fires. And to those who collaborate with the oppressors we must remind you: you sacrifice the goodness of your skill and potential to indulge a sordid vanity and false salvation, a bolster and salve which will in the end prove ineffective in saving you from your depths of fear and self-loathing. Cease your treachery and work toward the true and just and free.

We would also like to recognize and celebrate the success of the recent NATO breech, and offer our respect for the accomplishments of all those who contributed to the success of that operation.)


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Baby, gossip, zumzum

A (female) friend of mine has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy exceeding 7lb and perfectly healthy. Joy! It's what this blog is all about. Babies.

Babies... Babies,,, Baabiezzzmm

Friday, 17 February 2012

Autism caused by 'No Cannibals'?

There is yet another hypothesis for the aetiological drivers behind autism spectrum disorders which, just like the others, blames cannibals and is ignored by the autism community, the scientific community and the blogger community alike.

This one is different, however, in that it does not require autistic people to actually be cannibals for a change. Rather, it requires that the lack of the need for humans to guard against intra-specific predation has led to a de-selection of the mental and physical tools required to keep this brain-intensive skill on the genetic 'wants list'.

It goes something like this; A long time ago, probably 107,000 years ago, give or take a tick or two, people were people and people, like spiders, eat people when hungry enough. It's not as if we were eating our own brothers and sisters. Even little dragons don't do that (well, 20% less much).

It was some folk who'd been away for rather a long time up north found their way down south and, having polished off all the bears and elephants, turned their attentions to the people who were already happily occupying the Levant. These people, the Neanderthals, were very well equipped for taking advantage of this new food source. Recognising the Levantine folk as being sentient hunters, rather than risk a head-on encounter, the Neanderthal would remain at higher altitudes undetected, approaching and watching only at night. Only after considerable observations and planning had been completed did they chance a series of night raids which eventually became known to our ancestors, and later us, as the sagas of The Watchers in the Ge'ez and Hebrew chronicles, now known as the Bible (Gen 6).

Aadi, 'we' managed to extricate ourselves from this situation, with the help of a little Neanderthal DNA which we'd acquired along the way. The development of modern empathy was crucial to this great escape. After the Neanderthal predators had been discovered and descriptions of them were circulating, they moved into a more hands-on management role and more or less established the styles of man-management we see used right up until, well, still today in fact. Bluntly, any attempt to communicate secretly with ones' co-captured kin was met with a swift and brutal extinction of the dissenting person or persons.

When we finally managed to escape, we did it with our eyes. To this day, we celebrate with football.

That period of empathic development was an anti-predator adaptation. Now that it is no longer needed, it is falling away. Our bodies are no longer convinced that we must have empathy in order to survive so nature, the mother, the father, whatever steers our beings into being, decides that empathy is too expensive to sustain, and invests in FTW instead, a condition caused by getting food tokens confused with real food without the presence of the threat of cannibalism.

How can we test this hypothesis and how would it explain:

'New Autism Research Reveals Brain Differences at 6 Months in Infants Who Develop Autism'

as well as the 'Cannibal Hypothesis' does?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Babies. Therefore: Gossip.

Our sis over at AoA has been getting her knickers in a twist over some confusion about genes, worms, and SBC. Brother over at Science Blogs is on a lock-down. There never really was any dirt on Orac, no conspiracy. Simply a case of the big money advertisers on science blogs asking the admin to ask Orac to 'tone the cannabis and the Jacob down please' as money was threatening to pull out of the advertising side of things.

The only thing Orac every really did *badly* wrong was to censor Jakaranda ;)

Call off James Bond, put the kettle on. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


  1. मानहानि
  2. संयम
  3. तपस्या
  4. वैराग्य
  5. चेतनता का नाश
  6. हड्डी
  7. मांस आदि का सड़ना

Monday, 13 February 2012

Autism and Empathy: Faking it or Making it?

The cat dragged something concise in for once.

Cannabis for Autism Actually, I think I'm wrong to say MDMA 'gives empathy', it's not that simple.

It makes autistic people feel properly interested in other people and stops autistic people looking strange. This combination of effects has the result of the autistic person experiencing something very close to 'a normal social situation with another person' and so an autistic person can learn about real interaction in a real setting. Something that cannot happen with no drugs or in a therapy setting.

When I say psychosis temporarily cures autism, I'm not joking. FULL ON empathy!
A few seconds ago · 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Neoteny, why there's not any in a Neanderthal, and there's more of some in Autism.

Neoteny, one of the three directions of heterochrony, would seem at first appearance to be a blow to the 'Cannibals selected for non-cannibalism hypothesis' for autism.  It's neotenous nature led it to register www.originsofautism.com before anyone else, yet it fails like all the others in that appears to be describing 'a subset of the tools in the workshop' rather than 'the reason for the kind of bicycle being constructed', as an explanation for the causation of a particular kind of bicycle, widget or person.

However, in case you missed it, neoteny is taken as a sign that cannibalism will not occur, and so it is preserved while the more ogrish amongst us are forced from the face of the earth.

Another perhaps less chilling explanation for the increased prevalence of neoteny in autistic populations is that autistic people behave inappropriately i.e. they make social mistakes. A social mistakes' cost is measured in terms of the consequences meted out, whether officially or otherwise, by society. Those who look young, child-like or pretty are more likely to go on to be allowed to build a family despite their social faux-pas.

This is also why cannabis for autism is facing formidable opposition. It is highly likely that the more intelligent, more attractive females asperger's are the ones least likely to have need for medication, the ones most likely to oppose the use of any medication, the ones least likely to understand the point of view of those in need of medication, and the ones who have most influence over the general public at large.

Cannabis for Autism Angels Required. Apply on Facebook.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

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