Sunday, 13 November 2011

Prosthetic empathy again!

Brought to our attention today, a phone that tells you how the caller is feeling.

Soon, the 45% accuracy of autistics, the 55% accuracy of controls, and the 65% accuracy of experts will be improved upon by machines with up to 85% accuracy.

P is less than a seventh.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Pun for all the Scamily!

Our estranged brother over at merely silenced by age of autism has amused us with his Quaction Figures (TM) series.

Being keen on both yoga and herbs as tools for the medics' box, I do hope he doesn't mean all of us, just the dishonest woo-pushers of this world...

My brother is a just little older than me, but you'd think there was 20 years difference if you saw us both in a swimsuit!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Recalling, recalling, this year's 5th was boring!

To recap:

0) God was skint so she didn't go to the party.
1) Anon and Zetas did not have a war and instead now co-exist like arctic fox and polar bear.
2) Someone in a boat threw some dox into the twitter ocean.
3) The rumored US 'legalization' of cannabis did not happen.
4) The BBC pandered to the Occupy movement, rendering it instantly boring. Fixed.
5) Witvhes rly sickth!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

A mislaid π is retrieved!

π, here

 · >

It's now Caturday and the time is 1200 likes O'clock! AMQ is 22.05, Shields are at 87.52 and the gossip ratio fallen slightly, up to 7.02 :)

[For the nerds: PI*Gossip Ratio = 22.05 = current AMQ. Looks like we found our third PI!]
 ·  ·  · p2p · h4xx · 0c70b3r 22

  • Rita Smith <3 7h15

    • Cannabis for Autism PI Accurate to 1 part in 55,000

      So that's 3 PI's... what next? Maybe we need to find PI Squared? We could be looking for PI-3 as well...

      0c70b3r 22 @ 2:00pm · 

    • Cannabis for Autism With a bit of fiddling, it turns out to be equivalent to 62833/20000


      (62 833 / 20 000) / pi = 1.00001825

      So a bit of tinkering gives the more accurate and less wieldy (3927 / 1250) / pi = 1.00000234 which is accurate to about one part in half a million :)

      0c70b3r 22 @ 2:35pm · 

    • Cannabis for Autism I knew I'd lost a PI somewhere! Thanks for finding it again for us Rita!
      3 m!nz b4 · 

Friday, 4 November 2011


She is the combined consciousness of all the living things on this planet, favorite daughter of Ra, Goddess of Witches, She is Eating Itself.