Friday, 24 February 2012

Autism caused by 'The Weather'?

Firstly we must make our position clear on global warming. We do not deny that it may be anthropogenic but we do deny that anyone can prove that it is anthropogenic. We believe that past weather or current trend is no guarantee of future weather.

We believe that an Ice Age could come soon. Rather, we believe that the current interglacial may end soon. This has happened many times before, and has happened to the human race and it's ancestors several times. Before the advent of agriculture and civilisation, an ice age meant two things:

1) Reliable food supplies may no longer be reliable
2) Extreme weather and famine can cause populations to split into two or more groups which then find themselves separated for a considerable number of generations.

So it goes a little something like this:

The weather changes and the population gets split up to evolve separately. The change in weather has an effect on the food supply leading to the need for new adaptations and sometimes resorting to consumption of conspecifics. Given that humans are apex predators, then who is the predator in a meeting between two humans where one must eat the other or both will die?

Given four billion years of evolution, she will have sensed the change in the weather several generations in advance and requested a set of genetic changes to be introduced in some individuals. It is these individuals who are given the biological destiny of rising to the trophic level above themselves when disaster strikes and the consumption of conspecifics is the only option for the continuing survival of the human race.

This probably applies more to our Neanderthal ancestors than to us. It was harder up north when it were ice age!

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