Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fict or Fiction, Frict or Friction, Vrker or Vixen?

Etymology. Ate-'em-all-ogy.

The science of having eaten them all. All what you ask? Is there a need to specify?

No. All is word in the arena of etymology with the exception of a few old bones and a few dna studies.

This is eating language. All words are eaten. All are consumed, devoured and fully investigated in all cynicism, in all neutral honesty, and in every direction, imagined or real.

All computational possibilities are examined. Occam's razor determines the cut.

Part 1 <=We'll eat that*  (*we'll eat "We'll eat that" too)** (**We'll eat "too" too) [and that will complete part one] and gives us the name of the next part: Two (2).

The Body of Part 1: to be continued..

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What the hell is going on over there?

Our dear Jacob is nowhere to be seen but there is a new troll, this time a yoga troll attempting to bring some definition to 'yoga' since Orac flatly maintains that all yoga is yoga is woo is woo.

I guess he thinks that cancer is cancer too. He's in it for the naked breasts.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in watching a load of insecure unhealthy people squirming it all started here but where will it end? It is looking like he is making Orac & co look stupid in the way that Jacob did so violently and beautifully.

Personally, I find their regular trolls to be utterly boring and Jacob was the only sexy thing about that blog, apart from Orac himself (every woman loves a bastard, I love 'oops' as well).

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Will they ever stop with the propaganda?

This beggars belief. As soon as word gets around that someone has cracked the meaning of '42', they roll out this big dumb cover story with Adams himself as the believable stooge. They're all in it together.

The answer is '42' in that we face six hurdles, so that is seven steppings and all are in threes so that is six plus seven times three equals thirty nine, which describes the problem, the answer being itself in three parts so making forty two altogether.

Just in..

Do not smoke dried milk. Apparently it does not work and it may cause vomiting. Thank god for networks like Erowid or we would never get these anecdotal reports from each other. Simply cannot trust our governments to spend our tax money on the research that we really want doing.

Don't be surprised if your bladder falls out if you take lots of ketamine either. Teenagers, you have been warned!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

the 32 times table

We are at Zero now, we always will be but that's outside the scope of this post. The first 9* are easy, the other 23** will need more research ;)
  1. last year - It was all inside!
  2. three years ago - Something more inside? 
  3. seven years ago - CIA admits, no imminent WMD threat. Cats + Dogs = Legal
  4. nineteen ninety six - JS
  5. nineteen eighty - RA
  6. nineteen forty eight - Human Race Guaranteed Saved.
  7. eighteen eighty four - Great grandparents courting.
  8. seventeen fifty six - Little Ice Age. Jacobites Evolve.
  9. fifteen hundred - Renaissance
  10. nine hundred and ninety two...
  11. -35 What time is it?
  12. -2080 Rama and Law?
  13. -6180 Farming and Counting, English Channel, Cannibal Weather.
  14. -14370 Japanese rope-worship. Uk Art. Fe Fi Fo Fum.
  15. -30750 The Gower Chief and The Czech Venus 
  16. -63500 Judgement Day and maybe running away from teeth.
  17. -129000 Fire for fewer fur, or fewer fur calls for more fire?
  18. -260000 A story of two peoples: The Lions and The Bears, Their Unexplained Habits.
  19. -520000 Art is here,
  20. -1,050,000 Monkey reaches maximum size.
  21. -2,100,000 What is here, Eating Elephants first invented.
  22. -4,200,000 Bye Chimps :)
  23. -8,400,000 Isn't it cool that we split from the Oggs and the Pans at ~2^23?
  24. -17,000,000 Gibbons goodbye!
  25. -33,500,000 Cats and Pigs Rule, Mammals re-enter the water to avoid big teeth.
  26. -67,000,000 Dragons slain, 'Monkey' claims responsibility. 
  27. -135,000,000 Here be Dragons
  28. -270,000,000 Fish leave water to avoid bigger fishes' teeth.
  29. -535,000,000 - Eyes first invented, backbones invented
  30. one quarter ago - Males invented 
  31. half ago - Nail Bars invented
  32. one ago - Females invented
* Nine for mortal men, doomed to die
** that's 3 for the elven kings, 20 for the elven queens. well what?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Time to help the cat with it's etymology

He's always digging around in the levant over a thousand years ago when it was right here in English at both ends.

B is V.

Baccine (backseen or baxine)

Back seen - A 'back' was seen. Perhaps a human thief, running away?
Back scene - A memory?
Backs in - Part of that most hated of phrases 'Put your backs into it' ....the whip cracks!
Back sin - What is a position of sin which a missionary should never be in? Yes, doggy-style.

Could any of those have found their way into a small number of people's trauma encoded ancestral memories? Between this blog and C4A, we've now located over two dozen examples of traumatic past uses of the homonym in question.

A body has one function with many directions.

I like that; "The purpose of the body is to move the stomach to a new foraging location."

I mentioned it to Matt, who didn't get the joke.

Accepted, the body has functions (level 0) and it has itself (level 1) and it has 'return from deviation from levels 0 and 1' which is level 2, then there is 'regulator for level 2' which is level 3, then there is 'regulator for level 3' which is level 4, then there is the 'stabilisation system for level 4', which is level 5 then finally we get to level 6:

The human endocannabinoid system (HECS). Imagine your body has a puppeteer working it, and that puppeteer has a puppeteer working it, and so on, until you get to the guy at the top, the HECS. No matter how much the guy at the top rattles his jig, the guy at the bottom never stops breathing.

You can even cut the strings of the uppermost jig and the guy at the bottom doesn't stop breathing (even if he does seem a little bit grumpy).

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was quite a character. On the borderline between sanity and insanity. An atypical beauty whose face did not conform to Phi.

Custard and pi, chicken and ham, waddle I diddle I diddle I lamb?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

This guy is sexy beyond belief

There is nothing sexier than a man who can reassure you that it really is easy to end the federal embarrassment and feed 12 Billion people in harmony. CIA use game theory, same as the elf. I don't think Anonymous uses game theory, but individual members should.