Monday, 12 March 2012

Weird's the new weary and crewed's the new crude.

Asperger's, weirdness, crudeness, whatever you want to call it, is all very well if you understand the person who is being that and you are okay with it. If you want, you can be that person's 'crew' - there to make people feel that the situation is okay. That works, that's fine.

However, when the crew can no longer attend to the situation, we must take care not to leave one's charges vulnerable, unconcerned about what lies out there.

What lies out there you ask?


People predators who spot eccentric people with a view to establishing a means of predation if they are able to find an eccentric who, for example, does not quite have the habit of keeping to safe boundaries.

Please look after the autistic people in your life. However functional they may seem, however independent, everyone is safer in a group. Inclusion, not exclusion please, but never stop working to make the 'weirdness' look as cool and artistic as possible. Quality is a quantity too.

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