Saturday, 14 April 2012

ABA: Getting the good hammering it deserves.

Question on behalf of an e-friend--LD

"My son actually got worse on an ABA program. Has anyone else had this experience?"

"The program was two years in duration. He had the same core group of therapists and 10 years later we are still friends with many of them.

"His tantrums became more frequent and violent during the nearly 2 year program. He could always talk but he became less spontaneously verbal and even less responsive to questions he was being taught to answer. He was just as hyperactive as ever, that didn't change. It took about two years to start controlling his tantrums better and to get him speaking as much as he had BEFORE the ABA program."
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    • Tara Kaberry Kira this is one for you to respond to.
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    • Selene DePackh i'd be very interested to hear the follow-up on this.
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    • Cannabis for Autism Does not surprise me in the slightest. ABA sounds like a form of torture to an autist like me.

      ABA fundamentally goes against the grain of autism. Can't anyone see that it's fundamentally flawed and morally indefensible?
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    • Cannabis for Autism Adults produced by ABA are not exactly well rounded individuals.

      Show me an ABA adult who I'd be interested in hanging out with and I'll rethink my position.
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    • Julia Bascom This was true of several autistic and/or I/DD kids I've worked with. In fact....I can't think of a single one who improved.
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    • Cannabis for Autism Meta studies show ABA to be no more effective than unstructured existence.

      It's time to stop the nonsense and get on with the REAL autism treatments.
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