Thursday, 4 October 2012

My eggs are safe in the tower but the gate stays open.

Have you ever wondered why our scrotiferous friends, the male part of me, have such a hard time when their duplicities of jewels are subject to attacks?

It's no secret any more, it was me. I keep my eggs safe, deep inside of me, but still the gate is open, there must be access at all times so this entrance proves vulnerable to attack. How may I make myself better at defending this gate? Should I evolve a pain like his? Would You?

There we have it. We evolved his eggs to hang out at the gate so we can check who's good at defending the gate so we can make daughters in his mould, so good will they be at defending their gates.

If you haven't hit your man in the googles yet, you must still be on your first few dates ;)

(Eggs, *Ehgs, Ecks, Ex-) X

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