Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Happy Ausra Darling

Mani (pronounced like 'money') is the Sanskrit word for 'gem' and is the true origin of the word 'money', not from the temple of Moneta in Rome.
Before our ancestors began their love affair with fruit and shiny stones, 'mani' meant one of two things:
The Female Jewel or the Virgin Bride.
Back then it was 'No food? No Mani (hunny)!'
Now it is reversed: 'No money, no food.'

'War' is 'Eating Babies' and that is 'Bad'.

Strictly speaking, males who can perform these kinds of acts are 'faulty males'.


Twitter follower (former...) in Australia "There IS no mercury in vaccines!" Wow - just wow. That eucalyptus flavored Kool Aid must be strong. K
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Sunday, 18 March 2012

The way things are going....

How should Britain's drug problem be tackled?

Total Votes: 10,000

And again, Mar 20, 21:34, London time:

How should Britain's drug problem be tackled?

Total Votes: 10,184

Some Current of Hairs

As you hold me and press your cheek against mine, you gaze over my shoulder and into my hair, your breath becomes slower and more viscous until it's more like swallowing something solid. At the point where your breath stops, everything crystallizes and there you see everyone. All your friends and everyone else dangling in a void, each one dangling by the throat on one of my hairs, each hair becoming the air that everyone you know is breathing. Or they were. It's stopped. The air in your throat sits like a half-swallowed gherkin and all your friends and everyone hangs limp as if hung like human game in space.

You breathe, my hair is moved by your breath, and it's movement brings your friends and everyone back to life. Pulling back you find I am back inside you and behind you, there in your outstretched hand is a tiny little black dot. The dot is your existence, your being. Your off-switch. You promised me everything so now I ask you to eat yourself for me. Without fear, you eat the pill.

Friday, 16 March 2012

What Sinner Name? What's in a Name? What sin a Name

‎'Kony' is 'Enoch' in reverse speech. He probably shouldn't have messed with a name like that.

(; Ate a Salmon. X | X namasatyA ;)

Invisible Children's co-founder is hospitalised after being found by California police semi-naked and "acting bizarrely".
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UPDATE: Nano, presumably thought he was 'The One-oh' or even 'Neo'. But oh-no-ho he's walking on god's row ;)
Micheat likes cod roe. He is a good cat. He is a pretty cat.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Weird's the new weary and crewed's the new crude.

Asperger's, weirdness, crudeness, whatever you want to call it, is all very well if you understand the person who is being that and you are okay with it. If you want, you can be that person's 'crew' - there to make people feel that the situation is okay. That works, that's fine.

However, when the crew can no longer attend to the situation, we must take care not to leave one's charges vulnerable, unconcerned about what lies out there.

What lies out there you ask?


People predators who spot eccentric people with a view to establishing a means of predation if they are able to find an eccentric who, for example, does not quite have the habit of keeping to safe boundaries.

Please look after the autistic people in your life. However functional they may seem, however independent, everyone is safer in a group. Inclusion, not exclusion please, but never stop working to make the 'weirdness' look as cool and artistic as possible. Quality is a quantity too.

A genetic test for 'No autism'?

One supposed this question has oft been proposed,
Those autism genes being thin on the genome,
None showing up in more than one in twenty,
Many showing up in less than one percent.

One hypothesises that it may be equally common,
Those without autism are ninety nine percent likely,
likely to have a gene which only one percent,
of autists have. Perhaps?

Oh crap! Does anyone know anything about genetics?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Body of Part 1: Eating Language

'Pat' is onomatopoeic in origin, and what happens after the 'Pat' is always the separation of the 'Bit' which does the 'Patting' and the 'Bit' which was 'Patted'. The 'Bits' are now said to be 'Apart', each one is 'A Part' and what they just did together was 'To Part' or they did 'Do Part'.

'Body' is most interesting when we look at the South American approach. Their word for the food you don't eat, 'Tee' (i.e. your body) is the reverse homophone of the word for consuming food (Eat). Similar lines of enquiry lead us to '*Ed' for the *PIE 'eat' and 'De' for the Germanic 'You' (also Die/Doo meaning 'two' comes from this).

Ages of literacy completely kill off the practice of creating words via reverse homophony, although certain tell-tale signs nicely illustrate their shadowy existences.

Nice sign, on no knife fine, enough funny, phoney yknow'th. See is.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

"What is wrong with the world?" An answer.

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  1. The UN should be allowing hemp to be grown everywhere for fuel and nutrition, and put the resources it puts into eradicating cannabis and hemp into preventing any attempts by despots to control the people by controlling their right to access to the fastest growing source of complete nutrition and fuel on the planet.

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