Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Cannibal Hypothesis of the Euphemism Treadmill

The euphemism treadmill is not an affliction in and of itself, rather it is a symptom of a deeper emotional trauma suffered by the human race as a whole.
Language is constantly mutating, a major driving factor for this change being the 'arms race' whereby an attempt at phonic lure is foiled by phonic (and in the human case, semantic) drift.
This is found across the animal kingdom, humans being no exception.
Neanderthals being the last extant exception.
Returning to the Upper Palaeolithic, we find the situation where the Neanderthal, as top predator, has foregone it's linguistic defensive drift in language in exchange for a more powerful language of accounting and sustainable domination of the food chain.
The arms race takes a new turn. The hominids who were beneath the Neanderthal in the food chain, began to acquire the Neanderthal language in addition to their own, but could not use it to it's full capabilities. That is, not until the Neanderthals tried to upgrade their stock of 'edible' hominids to those which were capable of managing their own farming by cross breeding themselves with some of the fairer edible hominids (Suggest you read Enoch for more detail on this part of the story).
This breeding program eventually went awry, producing hybrid offspring who saw the opportunity to lead a mutiny, eventually becoming the 70,000 year effort to exterminate any and all sign of Neanderthal dna from the face of the planet. They could never purge that which was now integrated into the dna of Homo Sapiens, we still average 2.5% Neanderthal dna apiece.
While modern humans face no immediate threat from predation by other hominids, the euphemism treadmill is still in place, and disincarnate forms of conspecific predation are the norm. Phonic lure is still widely used in human conspecific predation, with the linguistic and semantic drift only providing protection in certain sets of circumstances.
Every animal inherits an answer, or set of answers, to the question 'what animal am I', determining the language development envelope for the animal.
The 'Neanderthal' hypothesis of autism suggests than people with autism may have inherited the 
'neanderthal' set (or subset) of answers to the question 'what animal am I'?
Hence the difficulty in acquiring natural Homo Sapiens' language, though through echolalia, we still see the natural tendency towards phonic lure coming through.
Autistic people would have died out a long time ago, if not for the pathological matchmaking efforts of neurotypicals. You can't keep a good gene down.
We conclude that the euphemism treadmill may be distressing to some people with autism, and this may be ameliorated by talking about palaeolithic trauma or perhaps hypno-regression therapy, mdma assisted therapy, yoga or similar.

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