Thursday, 25 June 2015

If those that are blocked keep trolling our review section I will remove it.

This page utterly fails where it bans hundreds of adults on the spectrum.
Unban them all. Every last one. Clear out your ban list. Un-ban all aspies NOW! x
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  • Simon Chapman its a total fail.. expected far better than a so-called 'aspie advocate' squint emoticon
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  • Angie Fraser This page is all about Bryan and his ego. Has been for a long time. I fail to understand what his Britney obsession or his nonsense attention seeking posts have to do with 'Autism Awareness'. It's all me, me, me. Pretty sad really.
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    • Wendy Wozniak Then "unlike" it and get your information elsewhere. This obviously isn't where you need to be. Better yet, start your own page and show the rest of it how it "should" be done. Bryan's page, Bryan's rules - PERIOD!
    • Angie Fraser YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Julian Pursell
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  • Wendy Wozniak Bryan's page, Bryan's rules! "Unlike" and find the information you feel better suits you elsewhere.
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    • Leah Ferrari Who are you?
    • Cad Zett Wendy - It's more than just "his rules". Many times, memes are not shared properly. This does not give the proper credit to the originator of the meme and diverts traffic from their page. Meme-sharing etiquette is a big thing amongst page admins. Bryan has been called on it repeatedly. And, nothing changes. Also, there have been posts that have misleading information and/or have been disparaging to NTs. This is not how awareness is raised.
    • Julian Pursell
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  • Mary Wills Sounds like you are the one with the problem, not Bryan. It's hard enough for us to stand sunlight, let alone unnecessarily critical people.
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  • Rachel Lorretta Albritton there is a reason why he banned them. he shouldn't have to take abuse from anybody. period.
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  • Mary Wills Nope! He shouldn't. What he does is brave.
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  • Charlie Waters No doubt. Speak your mind, get banned. As if we don't have enough issues with acceptance. To be banned from an Asperger's site is a seriously low blow.
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  • Charlie Waters Funny, for a group of people who complain about bullies, how quick you all are to jump on and bully someone with a differing opinion than your own!
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  • Mary Wills There's a difference between speaking your mind and attacking others. What you guys were doing was attacking. And you're still attacking. Please go find something else to do. Thanks.
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  • Charlie Waters To those of you that say,, "This is Brian's page", no. It simply isn't. It is a community, OUR page as a whole community. WE are here to spread awareness of autism. I can understand why some are upset, because this is supposed to be about Asperger's and making others aware , not "Bryan's travels with Asperger's" for him to publicly shame people for talking about him, or make them feel even worse by banning people who already have issues "fitting in". I am not saying people have not been mean, I haven't seen every post by any means. But I have seen horrible reactions to people who are doing nothing more than stating their opinion. Go ahead, attack me for simply stating mine.
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  • Mary Wills He's the admin, he makes the rules. Just because you disagree does not make him wrong. 

    I don't envy him his position one bit.
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  • Asperger Syndrome Awareness Charlie, in all fairness, you can't say what the page is about, only I can. You can't say the page is supposed to be this and supposed to be that. I'm the owner and so I'm creating it in the way that I like. If you don't like my page feel free to leave but please stop trolling our review section. Thanks - Bryan smile emoticon heart emoticon
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    • Leah Ferrari Now you call them 'trolls'?

      No, they are aspies like you and me. Ban the word 'Troll'. It's Hatespeech.
    • Berit Bertling Leah, you ARE behaving like a troll, and you do sound like a troll, and I'm afraid it's very difficult to not see you as a troll. Please find something else to do than bash someone for banning you due to transgressions on your part.
    • Kirst Mandy Foster Calling people with different opinions to yourselves trolls? Trolls say hateful things they don't believe in to get attention. People being honest with their opinions is not.
    • Berit Bertling Calling Bryan an abuser, is trolling. Relentlessly attacking Bryan for administering a page he created the way he wants it administered, is trolling. Stating your mind is not trolling, but this form of heckling, is.
    • Leah Ferrari Go on, resort to insults. Resort to ganging up with insults.

      Got no answers, just a gang with insults.
    • Leah Ferrari No Fiona, I don't need to speak up for more than just ONE person he bullied. I speak for those who were silenced when trying to speak out against bullying.
      Calling me names is really sad. You won't stop me from protecting people. Never.
    • Leah Ferrari Fiona you are not the only aspie here.

      Not that you have to be an aspie to have a valid opinion here, right?
    • Leah Ferrari Apologise for your insult to me.
    • Berit Bertling Leah, having aspergers is no excuse for bad behaviour. I don't see how you are entitled to an apopogy any more than Bryan is. Not only were you rude and aggressive in ht community, and as a result - banned - but now you are carrying out a vendetta trying to sabotage the community. It actually makes me wonder if it was you who called Bryans employer in an attempt to get him fired.
    • Leah Ferrari No I did not call his employer. No I am not banned from this page.

      I do not allow victims to be silenced. Pay attention please or you won't be any use to anyone.
    • Shelba Norton Oh goodness he wasn't calling anyone a (under the bridge) troll. Its a term use on the Internet guys. These negative posts are people trolling trying to get a reaction.

      In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the
       Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into arguing...
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    • Leah Ferrari The admins's response to the 1-star review I gave was to ask people to "stop trolling". To most people that means they called me a troll.
      If that's the way they want to respond to online reviews then fine. We can all read these reviews and make our own minds up. Perhaps they should switch off the reviews function for the page if they don't like the lack of control they have over who can post what here?
  • Catherine Lee Hilderbrand Curran Make your own page Leah Ferrari and leave Bryan alone. Who really cares what you think about ASA? It is a support page facilitated by an Aspie for Aspies and their support groups. It is not for trolls to bully us. Shame on you.
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    • Leah Ferrari We have plenty of pages, dozens. Stop assuming and don't call me names.
    • Leah Ferrari Oh look, a page just of me :
    • Shelba Norton Leah Ferrari What is the point of your anger. Wouldn't all of the energy spent in anger be of better use towards something positive.
    • Julian Pursell She doesn't seem angry.
    • Shelba Norton Maybe not angry but negative for sure.
    • Julian Pursell Banning people with aspergers is negative. Two wrongs make a something, right?
    • Shelba Norton Perception is key here. What you perceive to be the reason someone was banned may in fact not be that reason at all. Regardless of the reason it is his page and his right to ban whomever he sees fit. Honestly if I were to be banned I wouldn't take it personally. I would know that I have a voice and I used it. Perhaps he isn't ready to hear what others have to say. Perhaps he doesn't agree. Maybe its wrong maybe its right but they are his views on his page. We don't always have to agree as humans but to bash someone because they have different views then others isn't right. For me I would for sure walk away from the situation before it escalated or in this situation ban whomever it was. Like it or not it is his page if you don't agree with him or his views don't be apart of it. Simple as that.
    • Catherine Lee Hilderbrand Curran I don't believe that "hundreds" of aspies have been banned. I think that is a faked statistic. 

      'LF' posted "We have plenty of pages, dozens. 

      Who are these "we"? is not a resource page. This is a short personal dubious selfie page with a glam pic that has nothing to do with a FB group resource page. 

      The name and the photo of a troll may be fake. A troll may choose any handle , and generally does not use their real name. They can choose and use any profile pic and what they choose may not resemble them at all; in age, race, body style or gender. 

      I begin to wonder if this ASA flame war is even real or it is being perpetuated by that troll posing as two or more identities flaming themselves.
    • Julian Pursell We only think he has banned hundreds because of what he told us. From the horse's mouth, as it were.
    • Julian Pursell That's poetic, did you write it? What does it mean? It just looks like pronoun spaghetti to me!
    • Julian Pursell And I liked it too!
    • Shelba Norton His page. His thoughts. His feelings. His right. He isnt a dictator forcing these on you. Its quite easy to unlike a page and you simply will no longer see the messages he is sending. Freedom of choice is something each of us has. Make the choice to remove yourself if you don't like what this page has to offer. If you feel that you want something out of an awareness page by all means go and start another one get you message out there. But don't condemn Bryan of his. These are his thoughts his feeling and they are very valid to him. Aspergers isn't one size fits all.
    • Shelba Norton Its a post from a page Leah is apart of. Its fitting either way.
    • Julian Pursell Oh you mean you searched for her on google and that post came up because she had liked that post?

      Is there something you're not telling us? Stop Hate Against Autism? Is that you?
    • Shelba Norton No that is not me. I am a concerned parent of a child with aspergers who has seen first hand what cyber bullying can do.
    • Julian Pursell Were you aware of the anti bullying campaign byCannabis for Autism at the beginning of this year? 3 months hard work!
    • Shelba Norton No Julian Pursell I wasn't aware of that page. This is the group page that I am apart of.
    • Julian Pursell Are you aware that there used to be a problem with 'anti-bullying' pages being used as a front for bullying?
      There's still a bit of a problem but it's under control, for now.
    • Shelba Norton This page could very well be. As I said I'm not apart of it. I only found in when I looked up Leah.
    • Julian Pursell This page isn't one of them, though a lot of people who follow this page use him as their proxy victim and bully using him as their excuse.
      I've yet to see any evidence of anyone actually bullying him in the real sense, though it's worrying that someone phoned his employer. If that person keeps up that kind of campaign then yes, that would be bullying perhaps and he should call the police get them sorted out.
    • Simon Chapman Shelba, you have repeatedly said a few times, Bryans page, Bryans rules.. and thats fine. However, you cannot expect people to not review negatively for those actions. If this page was titled, Byans Page, that would be different, but its not, its title...See More
    • Julian Pursell
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  • Claudia Gomez-Beilschmidt There is a difference in speaking ones mind because you dissagree or have another point of view and try to explain it and just being utterly rude and insult people. So I think Bryan is doing the right thing
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    • Julian Pursell You think you should take 3 months off too?
    • Claudia Gomez-Beilschmidt I didn't say agree with him leaving xd but if he needs the time to sort out the things he is going tbrough then let him. He has been through a lot. I am sad he is going to leave dor 3 month but hey if he needs that then why not? He will come back stron...See More
    • Leah Ferrari Well he didn't take 3 months off anyway. Another broken promise.
    • Leah Ferrari I believe him when he says some people made death threats but I would need to see proof. I want the names of ANYONE who makes death threats to ANYONE with asperger's.
    • Simon Chapman want to know why i got banned?
      I commented on one of his "like and share to get to xxx likes"...I said that from my own experience, he'd do better to post valid content about aspergers that those want to share, these posts have been annoying a lot of r
      ecent, and that i feared it would have a negative effect towards the page, even with looking at his statistics, it showed he was on a decline for new likes, and perhaps look at utilising post games. And that i used to do this when i ran my very successful page. I basically just gave a tonne of marketing suggestions to him to help boost page visibility, very constructively, and not at all negatively. they were simply alternative ideas to sharing the page. Additionally, that post views don't require likes as these statistics are automatically captured by facebooks clever algorithms, and this almost common knowledge does annoy quite a few of his visitors.

      apparently this was cause for being banned.. hye.. apparently this is abuse.. apparently this is bullying, right? Pah.. load of nonsense. Nothing i ever said was rude. Never did i insult anyone.To be honest, this wasn't even a difference of opinion, is was constructive help!!

      Bryan is NOT doing the right thing.. and dramatising it all to be something is not, is again, DEFINATELY not the right thing. Making out people are doing things they are NOT, is again, not right! I can't speak for all, and there may well be some out there who've thrown insults. But i speak for the majority who've been in my shoes, and it simply boils down to Bryan splitting the crowd to suit his needs, and push away those who are not as naive as he'd like us be. Thats the long and short of it. This is all becoming very similar to the 'boy that cried wolf'.. accusing people of being bullies, who are not... why should we ever believe anything he says? The sudden popping up of the 'death threats', that hadn't been mentioned before, yet the work email had? I would like to see proof as well. In fact, i'd even like to see this email that was sent to his workplace. This has got very out of control, in a manner that only has bryan at the centre, not the other admins, I ask, why is that? whats different here?! and blaming it on aspergers is not a valid excuse either. You know if he stood up and just said he's sorry for jumping to conclusions and banning people, and unban them, i could guarantee people would forgive. They may or maynot return, but he'd earn forgiveness. He's dealing with a large public audience, and the level of attention that is required for that is subject. Firstly, you never give away too much personal information on the internet, thats rule number one, public figure or not. Secondly, you need to stay abstract, not get too involved - when you're dealing with that many people, you have to stay disconnected. Imagine how David Cameron would be if he listened to the entire countries words? the number of people that have sent him death threats is ridiculous, and they do that publically on his facebook page for christs sake, and even he doesn't block them. Why? because you simply cannot take these things to heart, not everyone will like you, period, not everyone will like your decisions. You either listen, or you dont! No one will care in the long run, maybe they'll unlike, maybe they wont. But again, it wont affect the page. However, banning everyone, getting very personal on a page that is titled 'Aspergers Syndrome Awareness' will.
    • Julian Pursell

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