Thursday, 9 June 2011

First Post

'Silenced by age of autism' has started threatening to silence us so we are doing what we said we would do.

We propose the conjecture: Here is the thread.

Silencedbysilencedbyageofautism is not affiliated with Age of Autism in any way. Whilst we applaud AoA for being an early adopter of cannabis therapy for autism, we have not looked their other offerings or beliefs in great detail so cannot offer opinion or discussion on anything but cannabis for autism or the censorship of cannabis for autism.

We are in agreement with The Unconventional Foundation for Autism , Cannabis Science Inc. , Cannabis for Autism on Facebook and The Liberal Democrats, apparently? I vote according to the colour of the day, not the policies. The parties have colours to help you choose ;)

We receive no financial incentive from any of the above organisations.

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