Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sock Puppets and Altruism UPDATE!

UPDATE: Jacob or someone or one of his sockpuppets posted a link to a youtube video where The Young Turks explain how NIDA forced the NIC to remove the entry about cannabis being anti-tumour.

Luckily, NORML never miss a trick, so Here is the BIG SECRET which ORAC wants to censor...

The dread curse of the mutating troll! I know I'm not Jacob, though I recognise some of the beings he is channelling. 'Scuse my woo! Ji ka Ra? Nama ki sta re mori pan, chi ka cha. Ien wa. x

The commentariat appear to be at a distinct disadvantage. They have their good names to uphold so they cannot make any mistakes which will damage their professional avatars.

Jacob, on the other hand, clearly does not have the option of keeping his slate clean. Whatever is going on with his 'interesting' mind (which I actually rate, but not enough to want to lay with him), it's not the kind of mind that bothers to keep track of such trifles as the legal fiction of a given name.

He is a man on a mission - to put taboo in front of eyes. The minds behind the eyes can make themselves up. With no good name to protect, he can loose all personal credibility and it will only serve his aims. Drama creates audience. They should have humoured him from the start.

Now how many of the accused are really Jacob, if any of them? Copycat posting must be getting irresistible to the cannabis activist crowd. Keeps the anti-pashmina crowd away too.

Where is Th1Th2 now? Must be Rasjia, they tend their infants on Rasjia.

Kancha la maha dewa?

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