Wednesday, 17 August 2011

MDMA as a novel therapeutic tool for high functioning autism.

UPDATE: MAPS are offering $10,000 for this kind of thing!

This has come up on Twitter which is painful to use in discussions so we'll invite them here instead.

Cannabis For Autism
  MDMA is also 'essential' for autistic people to learn about various truths of empathic NT sociability :)
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Hmm. Thoughts?


  1. Hi man,

    Ok I am here tell me more. Before we begin I declare a few years experience working with kids who had spectrum disorders several years ago now. That and my interest in psychedelics in general was what got my curiosity up.


  2. Hi,

    I took MDMA from age 20 to age 23, once every 2 to 10 weeks, then I took it again from about 27 to 30, this time about twice as often (and more often the quality wasn't as good!).

    It works on a few levels. First thing is that it makes you feel really good which wipes out anxiety and social fear, makes you dance which is just stimming to music, aspies tend to have a lt of energy for dancing. Dancing a lot generates endocannabinoids which is also good. People get on with each other better on MDMA, although superficial, it is the kind of social experience that just doesn't normally ever happen to an aspie. Nothing and no-one can teach an aspie what can be learnt on MDMA in a club or hourse or party or festival with a mix of other people, there need not be any other aspies and the other people don't all have to take MDMA too but some of them should!

    Taking MDMA teaches the aspie how it actually feels to be interested in someone else. Do this enough times and it becomes permanent ;)

    May I ask, are you aspie at all, even a little bit? Have you taken MDMA?


  3. lol, I meant house not hourse of course! Not everyone understands about house ;)

  4. Here's an article with some comments from autistic people who have used MDMA and found it to be useful.