Friday, 30 September 2011

It's a good look, but we can read right between your lines, Orac.

A statement of fact cannot be insolent. Unless that fact, should it become public, is a threat to certain activities and interests.

Orac has a particular Modus Operandus, and a very easy task. It is his self appointed role to de-construct fallacy in medicine. Something he does expertly, wittily, and with great precision and thoroughness.

He and his commentariat have infinite patience and capacity with their adversaries in the anti-pashmina movement. No argument or admission goes un-addressed.

Anything Th1Th2 says is given a certain treatment.

Not so, Jacob and Slartibartfastibast who, with their respective offerings of cannabis therapy for autism and the neanderthal admixture hypothesis for autism...

Why no Orac treatment? Could it be that these two hypotheses are a threat in some way to Orac and friends?

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