Tuesday, 13 September 2011

S & Ms and my P

Cute but not what I think I am.

RasJia => The Sun's Jeer => Sun'slaugh <= Falseness = Mirror call

Now let's look at inchantmeant. No, not 'enchantment', just what else could the chant have meant, assuming it was 'recorded' by an onlooker who didn't understand what he or she was hearing then subsequently passed on, written down and later split in the wrong place and reused as 'magic words' or a name for God.

Just as one who chants 'Holy' will find in that chant is also 'Leo', so anyone who chants 'Shiva' will also find 'Vashi', which means 'mind control' or 'enchantment'.

Not content which such images or so sandwiches or some sausages and summer juice, chanting 'images' reveals, amongst other things, my name.

Nu illusion <=> Nozyulian.

Ah Sue Dem.

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