Monday, 13 June 2011


Don't you just hate it when the people you ban get jealous of your status and use your name for their own posting. If you have such a great reputation, who wouldn't?


Your move.

YOU win and lose.

Another game?

Insert coin.

We search for Vera, Orac writes about Vera. Coincidence...?

Orac posts at midnight NJ time about Vera

What were the spider elves searching for at ~18:45 BST?...

Spooky? Coincidence? Unauthorised Access? Who knows. Them elves moves in multiple mysteriousnessess and many, many, imaginary ways. 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

It was there a minute ago....

Sock Puppets and Altruism UPDATE!

UPDATE: Jacob or someone or one of his sockpuppets posted a link to a youtube video where The Young Turks explain how NIDA forced the NIC to remove the entry about cannabis being anti-tumour.

Luckily, NORML never miss a trick, so Here is the BIG SECRET which ORAC wants to censor...

The dread curse of the mutating troll! I know I'm not Jacob, though I recognise some of the beings he is channelling. 'Scuse my woo! Ji ka Ra? Nama ki sta re mori pan, chi ka cha. Ien wa. x

The commentariat appear to be at a distinct disadvantage. They have their good names to uphold so they cannot make any mistakes which will damage their professional avatars.

Jacob, on the other hand, clearly does not have the option of keeping his slate clean. Whatever is going on with his 'interesting' mind (which I actually rate, but not enough to want to lay with him), it's not the kind of mind that bothers to keep track of such trifles as the legal fiction of a given name.

He is a man on a mission - to put taboo in front of eyes. The minds behind the eyes can make themselves up. With no good name to protect, he can loose all personal credibility and it will only serve his aims. Drama creates audience. They should have humoured him from the start.

Now how many of the accused are really Jacob, if any of them? Copycat posting must be getting irresistible to the cannabis activist crowd. Keeps the anti-pashmina crowd away too.

Where is Th1Th2 now? Must be Rasjia, they tend their infants on Rasjia.

Kancha la maha dewa?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

It's a good look, but we can read right between your lines, Orac.

A statement of fact cannot be insolent. Unless that fact, should it become public, is a threat to certain activities and interests.

Orac has a particular Modus Operandus, and a very easy task. It is his self appointed role to de-construct fallacy in medicine. Something he does expertly, wittily, and with great precision and thoroughness.

He and his commentariat have infinite patience and capacity with their adversaries in the anti-pashmina movement. No argument or admission goes un-addressed.

Anything Th1Th2 says is given a certain treatment.

Not so, Jacob and Slartibartfastibast who, with their respective offerings of cannabis therapy for autism and the neanderthal admixture hypothesis for autism...

Why no Orac treatment? Could it be that these two hypotheses are a threat in some way to Orac and friends?

Orac, please ban the Trolls. Cannabis therapy means a slight reduction in the amount of overtime available for us, the ABA specialists, and the Neanderthal admixture hypothesis is a burning question which cannot be avoided for ever!

Here is Jacob's first comment. He may have started off on a wrong foot so the reaction to his comments is probably right, but still. They are acting a bit freaky so we could be onto something. They know something. There is an invisible force pulling them away from their strapline.

Friday, 10 June 2011

4 and 20 black birds escape from the all the πs

That pie is open. That's what she said. Cannabis saves lives, cannabis saves babies, teenage girls and grandmothers love hearing this the most!

What is the opposite of a panic virus? Prohibition is medicine prevention.

Cannabis is a life-provoking herb. Incitement to live should not be a crime!

Statements of fact which are irresistible as gossip are the most powerful weapon we have at our disposal.

No one likes to be made to feel bad or guilty, and everyone is supposed to be making themselves and everyone else feel better, no exceptions!

Be nice, brave and say to any group of schoolgirls:
"It is time for adults to start telling teenagers the truth about drugs, because you already know the truth, and adults are making tits of themselves and loosing trust. Tell your parents."

Good Luck! x

What does that tell you?

When visiting a new website or blog, of which I probably visit a couple of dozen a day, I always do a search for the other half, see if the two are married yet?

If a 'cannabis' website has no information about cannabis for autism, they are always happy to entertain the concept.

If an 'autism' website has no information about cannabis for autism, they are sometimes happy to entertain.

From that perspective, the odds look good. Examples to come..

Of course, if you go to someone's blog, an autism expert or commentator, there is usually no mention of cannabis therapy. If you bring it up they will accuse you of being off-topic. They will not bring up the topic themselves so there is no 'on-topic' insertion point for correct entry. They fail logic.

All the tricks will be explained here. They are accustomed to combating fallacies rather than a suppressed truth, so they are batting a little curved at this early stage in the game that we control.


ममसत्य is the Sanskrit word for a being mine. There are three uses of this word that we are interested in. One is male, one is female, one is both.

One, the accepted version, is that it means a 'contest of ownership' although it employs a spurious grammatical anomaly, it should be ahamsatya if it means that.

In it's prima facie form, mamasatya is a place where you would 'mine' for 'beings' as one might mine for gems. This association with mining suggests that there may have been elves at work, way back in the Vedics. Inner visions, either stress-induced, or plant-induced, or both.

The final and rather obvious possibility is that the beings are babies and 'the being mine' is the place from which babies emerge.

We will instruct the spider elves to run a context check on all instances in the literature. Damn cat! Nearly scared the life out of me! Be good.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

First Post

'Silenced by age of autism' has started threatening to silence us so we are doing what we said we would do.

We propose the conjecture: Here is the thread.

Silencedbysilencedbyageofautism is not affiliated with Age of Autism in any way. Whilst we applaud AoA for being an early adopter of cannabis therapy for autism, we have not looked their other offerings or beliefs in great detail so cannot offer opinion or discussion on anything but cannabis for autism or the censorship of cannabis for autism.

We are in agreement with The Unconventional Foundation for Autism , Cannabis Science Inc. , Cannabis for Autism on Facebook and The Liberal Democrats, apparently? I vote according to the colour of the day, not the policies. The parties have colours to help you choose ;)

We receive no financial incentive from any of the above organisations.