Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Vice of the Beehive.

I have blocked this man on Facebook but he still continues to send me abusive messages through facebook. How do you stop someone who won't leave you alone after blocking them?
Peter Reynolds is trying to Bully me, don't let bullies away with it. Picking on autistic people is not acceptable.

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  • Whitney Braito Wow that's sad - report as abuse
  • Brian Fluff Conlon Make sure you have screen shot them all , maybe Kevin John Braid or Jayelle Farmer ,Des Humphrey Alun Buffry or many others can help you as I think he did the same to all of them too.
  • Cannabis for Autism I have already blocked him, one person reporting someone does not inspire Facebook to act. Now if several people reported him then Facebook may consider deleting his accounts so he cannot harass me on Facebook any more.

    Defamation, my ass. Hollow legal threats are the hallmark of a certain kind of personality disorder trying to lash out someone perceived as weak.
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  • Randy Germain Looks like you have a stalker. What a pissy little hall monitor of a man...
  • Jayelle Farmer >How do you stop someone who won't leave you alone after blocking them? It's a bug in the FB message settings. I also was getting messages from someone I had blocked. I finally figured it out by playing around with my message settings - who can send you messages? friends, friends of friends, everyone - play with the settings and you should find that it will eventually resolve.
  • Cannabis for Autism

    "If a defendant can show that he/she has reasonable grounds for believing that the statement was true at the time of publication, then they will not be successfully prosecuted for this offence – even if the statement does turn out to be untrue. This differs from other defamation and libel actions whereby the defendant must prove that the statement is in fact true."

    Anything and everything I may have said about him, I believed to be true and accurate, save for one or two statements which were clearly presented as satire.
    Reporting elections, false statements about election candidates, defamatory stat...See more
  • Jayelle Farmer >one person reporting someone does not inspire Facebook to act. He must know someone on the inside of FB. Last December, he was getting groups removed within 24 hours of their being set up. Fastest service I've ever seen on here, which tells me that he must know someone.
  • Cannabis for Autism Jayelle, there is no way of blocking him from messaging the page - I cannot reply to messages to the page from people who I have blocked.
  • Kevin John Braid lol then i am VERY fucked meh
  • Kevin John Braid Jayelle, i doubt it, if that was the case i would be long gone by now
  • Jayelle Farmer Log into the Page and select to edit as the Admin - that way you can see everyone in there. Under the normal admin ID, you cannot see them, but if you view as Admin then you can see the people who are blocked.
  • Cannabis for Autism Yes I know how to block someone from a page - it needs one of his comments so I can use the x-command to block the offender. Unless I unblock him from my personal account, I cannot see him to block him through C4A.
  • Jayelle Farmer If the messaging is a problem, then deactivate it. I have the LCI Page and don't have messaging enabled - way too much moderating time for that, and I'm busy enough already with groups. Don't let PR get you down, most of what he says is bluffing. He's threatened a lot of people, the police have not acted and he has not brought a single civil action against anybody (to my knowledge, but I don't miss much of his antics.)
  • Cannabis for Autism No! The messaging is essential - genuine page users use it to contact me if they don't want to be public with their messages. I won't let one irrelevant bully spoil things for 100 deserving page members!
  • Jayelle Farmer >I cannot reply to messages to the page from people who I have blocked. There are 2 ways of working as an Admin of a Page. One as a regular Admin and one as a selected Admin, both of which are named as the Page (as opposed to your own name.) With the selected Admin, you can see everybody - even people whom you have blocked and that being the case, you should be able to see his messages.
  • Jayelle Farmer The problem with unblocking someone is that you cannot re-block them again for 48 hours.
  • Cannabis for Autism Yes I can see his old messages but it would take me hours to find one out of 9000+ posts on C4A.
    The thing with people with personality disorders, is that they can create dramas such as this to try to make us waste time dealing with his offences.
    I take my cue from Toto. Just pull back the curtain with your teeth to reveal a sad old man creating smoke and mirrors with his magical organ (wizard of oz).
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  • Jayelle Farmer Yep indeed, very true.
  • Cannabis for Autism We watch the 'predator' like hawks and scream like monkeys whenever it makes a move. Primates have been dealing with stealth predators for 70 million years, the same procedure is still the best:
  • Cannabis for Autism Did anyone see our interview with 'Mr Clear'?

    Tonight's schedule, and we're hoping to bring you an interview at 6:00PM with Mr Clear Himself :)
  • Cannabis for Autism Well, I did post another statement about this on the wall but it has gone. The man is busy reporting his victim to the authorities - classic bullying tactic.
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  • Andy Staves Just another empty threat from PRick. I know it's not easy to ignore this kind of thing, but take it for what it is, and laugh at it. And certainly from my understanding Stuart is not under investigation. If anything the police are pretty sick of him. I do believe that it would be a civil matter (might be wrong) anyway. He does this a lot, tells people on FB that they are under investigation or that he is going to sue them, but nothing ever comes of it. Surely if he was going to sue someone he would get his (non-existent) solicitor to do the talking......
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  • Cannabis for Autism There is a criminal law relating to election candidate specific defamation around election time, but it does not apply to me in this instance. PR is misusing the law to try to control his perceived threats.
    A bit like the way the misused old drugs act of 1972 is misused against some...


  1. PR'ick is talking through his arse again, libel is a civil offence, except in the case of electoral law where it is a criminal offence for a candidate to libel another candidate. The difference between a civil and criminal offence is you can only get a financial penalty for a civl offence, whereas in criminal law you can be gaoled.

    In any case, for something to be libellous it has to be untrue, all things published about Peter Reynolds are true therefore do not constitute as libel.

  2. Actually, the person making the comments only has to believe that their words are true, they do no actually have to be true.
    I am in agreement with C4A, I genuinely believe that the man (PR'ingle) is both an alcohol user and a Narcissistic personality disorder sufferer.
    I have seen the 'racist, homophobic, sexist' comments on his blogs and I do not believe there is sufficient there to say that PR is certainly any of those things, most probably but not certainly.

  3. Hi CFA.

    I've only just come across this PM that you received from Reynolds. Its interesting to note that the Representation of the People Act 1983 only protects candidates from being 'defamed' by OTHER CANDIDATES. It does not prevent a member of the public for calling out candidates as being convicted fraudsters, alcoholics, grasses, racists or for being homophobic ;)

    Its nice to see that you have seen the light CFA. Reynolds is a convicted fraudster, and convicted fraudsters have the ability to bewitch people into believing them for a while.

    Take care mate. :)

  4. I'm not CFA, I'm one of his 'guardian angels' but I'm sure he will read your message.

    CFA has no fear of defamation litigation. It is elementary for the defence to sow doubt in the jurors' minds regarding his credibility. Known as the 'David Icke says the Queen is a Lizard' defence.

    Having seen the light many months before showing it, CFA resisted it because he hates being told who to hate, he can make is own mind up, and has his own sense of timing, which is why he waited until just before the election fiasco.

    CFA does not know about all the other shit, but grassing is the only straw needed. He needed him to grass on him before he would truly believe he is a grass, and he not only blocked Peter Reynolds, he also blocked the guy who kept constantly grassing on Peter Reynolds being a grass.

    We hate grasses that much.