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Don't you just get so sick of the vaporiser evangelist?

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  • You smoke 10 joints (equivalent tar to 20 cigarettes) per day, each leaving 20mg of tar on your lungs. That's 200mg per day, but your lungs can only remove 60mg per day, so 140mg per day accumulates.

    140mg=0.14 grams.

    0.14g x 365 days x 10 years = 511grams or half a kilo of tar accumulated every 10 years. Tar is twice the weight of water, so half a kilo of tar is one quarter of a litre and the average lung capacity is about 2 litres, the average breath is only 0.5 litres so you can smoke 10 joints per day for 70 years and still breath, just.

    If you're insane. If not, do ashtanga yoga, protect your lungs.

    The maths tell you, that people who smoke 40 cigarettes per day are going to run out of lung space within 40 years. When 80% of schizophrenics smoke this much or more, is it any wonder they die early, and isn't it a great chance to prove that people with schizophrenia are remarkably cancer-resistant (true!!!)?
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    • Skipper Horner Interesting at the least.
    • Cannabis for Autism Important at the most?
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    • Martin Hann Jr. Found this very interesting, where did you find this information?
    • Greg Weister That's why you use a vaporizer. Duh
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    • Cannabis for Autism The amount of tar in a cigarette comes from the packet, the rate at which lungs clean themselves comes from 'the easy way to stop smoking' by Allan Carr.
      Average lung capacity can be found from 1000's of sources.
      The amount that people with SZ smoke is from an article by neurobonkers or neuroskeptic, with a reference to the papers.
      The bit about people with SZ dying earlier comes from a few different sources, not hard to find. The bit about SZ people being cancer resistant is hard to find. I came across it while researching the dutch hunger winter.
      The positive effects of yoga on the lungs of smokers is observable across the board, and it's so obvious you can't get any yogi's to take an interest in studying it, they just laugh at you and go for a vegan breakfast instead!
    • Cannabis for Autism Vaporiser bollocks - you cannot vape tobacco and get the full effects, the harma alkaloids evaporate at least 200 degrees hotter than the hottest setting on any vaporiser.

      Great if you've got one, and it works for you. For those who don't find vaporizing works, then your answer, Greg, is both insulting and useless.
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    • Cannabis for Autism Ok guys, what if your lungs are full of tar from smoke from fires and pollution from cities? How is your vaporiser or your one hitter strategy going to help you?
      If you can't stop the tar going in, how will you get it out?
    • Cannabis for Autism I know it's obvious that vaporising is *probably* less harmful than smoking, but let's face it, the long term evidence just doesn't exist and people have been wrong about health issues in the past.

      There is some tar from vaporising. Not as much, but it's still there. How do you know the lungs can remove 'wet tar' (from a vape) as easily as 'dry tar' (from smoke)?
    • Greg Weister Vape tobacco? Hell no. Never intended for that. I was referring to pot. Marijuana. Weed. 
      Smoking cigarettes is stupid. Might as well shoot up.
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    • Greg Weister And for the record, you should really do some research about the benefits of vaporizers, as you are obviously ignorant. Which, thankfully, is different from being stupid. Vaporizing eliminates a large amount of tar. Facts, baby. Check 'me
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    • Cannabis for Autism Greg, Tobacco is medicine for some.

      How would you feel if someone told you that you were stupid for taking Marijuana and you might as well shove crack-cocaine up your ass?
    • Cannabis for Autism Funny that Greg, here is a message about vaping I sent to someone 10 mins ago:

      "[redacted], people have been smoking for thousands of years but only vaping for a few decades at most. It's probably healthier than smoking, almost certainly, but we can't know for definite until thousands of vaporising folk have spent their whole lives doing it, under the gaze of the scientist.
      Vaporisers do not remove all tar, but they certainly remove most of it.

      My current advice would be to use a vaporiser if you can. If you can't, and you must smoke something, then do ashtanga yoga to protect your lungs.
      Until we know more about vaping, do yoga for that too!"

      So why don't you check what someone already knows before you accuse them of ignorance? And stop being such an insecure fuckwit while you're at it.
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    • Michael Fearnley One word. Idiot.
    • Skipper Horner Quote: " 'the easy way to stop smoking' by Allan Carr."

      I absolutely LOVE the chapter on "The Benefits of Smoking". 
    • Cannabis for Autism Yes Michael, you are being an idiot, at last you admit it. Well done.
    • Cannabis for Autism Assuming it was not aimed at someone else? If it was, then you're banned.
    • Keysha Fowler Why does ignorance breed contempt? 
      I love the knowledge you provide for us to learn. If only others would appreciate it as well. 
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    • Cannabis for Autism Oh they're upset because I won't go along with the dogma that tobacco smoking is the devil and vaping weed is the angel and they are upset that yoga is so great because they see it as an effeminate form of exercise which cannot possibly by effective. One guy compared it to basket-weaving!
    • Michael Fearnley It's because it's not knowledge. This guy is lying and using autism as an excuse to behave like a dick and presenting scientific data in a misleading way. That tar causes cancer whether your body removes it or not. He thinks yoga, which while is good exercise, can prevent all of the harmful effects of smoking tobacco. End of.
    • Cannabis for Autism No it's not the end Michael Fearnley and only insecure people try to win arguments they are loosing by ending with "End of"
      Autism is not an excuse, it's an explanation. It is you who is acting the dick, not me. You know nothing about yoga so you are n
      ot fit or qualified to judge.
      You are calling me a liar, because you are too much of a cry-baby to handle adult truth.

      You are lying when you say "tar causes cancer whether your body removes it or not". Now please leave the page - you are no longer welcome, and you have no excuse to hang around being a dick.
    • Cannabis for Autism And apologise to the lady before you go. Be a man, for once in your life.
    • Keysha Fowler This guy... Whew ignorance sincerely does breed contempt.
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    • Cannabis for Autism Check out the guy's cover photo - says it all. 7 guys and some alcohol.
    • Michael Fearnley Oh. A social life you mean?
    • Michael Fearnley Why don't you be a man and support something that's backed up with real evidence.
    • Cannabis for Autism Yes, a social life involving alcohol and no girls, that's what I meant.

      Why can't you leave quietly when asked? Are you so immature that you hang around where you're not wanted? What's your excuse for being so socially inept? I think maybe you need to
       see a psychiatrist. A proper diagnosis will help you to adjust to take your differences into account when mixing with diverse groups of people who are not men with engineering degrees.
    • Michael Fearnley Actually I don't drink. We went to a nightclub and it was awesome.
    • Greg Weister You're fucking stupid. You obviously know nothing of vaporizing. Do your fucking homework before you insult people. You obviously haven't done your homework on vaporizing, or you would have something to say that wasn't stupid guesswork. Seriously. Are you just a 17 year old Brit with internet access? Again, you should really change the name to this page, as you are not about it.
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    • Cannabis for Autism Michael Fearnley, you mean you want to meet me? If you want the evidence, learn ashtanga yoga and do it for a year.

      If you think something a scientist has written can provide better evidence than a year's practice, I hate to think what your first girlfriend is going to think when you get your notes out to make sure your technique for loosing your virginity is backed up by sound scientific evidence.
    • Cannabis for Autism ooooooh! Greg, have you got your knickers in a twist?

      Everything I have said about vaporising is accurate. Everything you have said about me is true about you.
    • Cannabis for Autism Little boys, all insecure. Someone please fetch their pacifiers.

      I'm older and more experienced than both of you boys.
    • Greg Weister I don't have knickers. I'm not a British twit. I'm also not a child.
    • Michael Fearnley Medicine is objective. Yoga is not. We did not discover penicillin by doing yoga. You are behaving like an idiot. Do not associate yourself with Cannabis for out sake. I don't want to meet you. I already know a few people like you and that's a few too many.
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    • Michael Fearnley Older and more experienced? Yet you still behave like this? That makes us infinitely more intelligent than you...
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    • Cannabis for Autism Michael, when was the last time you searched pubmed for objective medical evidence about yoga? There's hundreds of papers.

      When I talk about yoga for lungs, I am talking about a system of moving and breathing. A purely physical, verifiable and repeatable process.

      When you talk about yoga, what exactly do YOU mean?
    • Cannabis for Autism Greg Weister, I am in the UK too. Why haven't you got any knickers? What kind of man are you? Every man owns at least one pair of knickers, it's just we all have slightly different reasons.
    • Michael Fearnley Just posted this to the CLEAR members secret page. They all think you're an idiot too 
    • Cannabis for Autism oops, I misunderstood your comment, I didn't realise you were being racist towards Brits.

      and I predict your friend Michael is about to be racist about Indians too.
    • Michael Fearnley And what evidence do you have to support that claim? Just because I don't (and rightly so) hold the same beliefs about yoga as you do does not make me a racist... Once again. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
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    • Cannabis for Autism Yes, you support CLEAR, confirming you are a complete twat. Fuck off back to your 'Tokepure' campaign, which is a really awful bit of marketing.

      It's really sad that you're here trying to attack me on behalf of fuhrer Reynolds. Clear needs a secret gr
      oup because if you try to hatch schemes out in the open you get laughed at and you have to spend all your time banning people who don't agree with or question the furher.

      PS, how can you follow a cannabis campaigner who SNITCHES on medical cannabis users who are growing their own?
    • Cannabis for Autism Michael I hold no 'beliefs' about yoga. Only experiences and facts.

      It's you who is pulling beliefs about yoga out of his ass. Your beliefs take the form of believing my facts are wrong. Way to go.
    • Cannabis for Autism lol
      So, Peter Reynolds sent me an email in December threatening to sue me again. But let me tell you about my week. (For people new to this, I have a helpful Peter Reynolds: An Overview page covering m...
    • Michael Fearnley Everyone on CLEAR saw that comment. Great job!
    • Cannabis for Autism lollolol
      United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs and the Liberal Democrats denounce Peter Reynolds, leader of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform and reject his offer of help.
    • Greg Weister Yeah, I'm not a Brit. Doesn't make me a racist by any stretch of the imagination. I don't like tea, either. But I do have really nice teeth. 
      Do you have an autistic child? Do you injest pot? What is the point of this page? Why are you so full of hate?
    • Cannabis for Autism ^Who ought to be ashamed?
    • Cannabis for Autism Greg, I am on the autistic spectrum and I self-medicate with cannabis.

      What are YOU doing here?
    • Cannabis for Autism Michael, you went running to your friends for help. You're a dirty wee grass.
    • Greg Weister My kid is autistic. With your discourse today, I highly doubt your diagnosis. I think your doctor didn't have the heart to tell you that you're just an asshole drug-seeker.
    • Michael Fearnley You're insane...
    • Cannabis for Autism Greg, I highly doubt the kid is actually yours.

      If you really do have an autistic child, I suggest you read The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism's excellent but heart-rending article on 'behaviour policing' because the way you treat me, I fear for yo
      ur child's development.

      When you see my behaviour you see the behaviour of an autistic adult. You see the behaviour of your own child when he or she is big and strong enough to let you know when you're being hurtful to them by trying to control their behaviour in every way.

      I think I will pass your comment about my doctor to my doctor, he will enjoy it.
    • Michael Fearnley I went running to my friends because I wanted them to experience the pure delight I feel right now of someone act like such a moron!
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    • Greg Weister You're a fake.
    • Cannabis for Autism 'moron', 'idiot', 'stupid' etc.

      Those are examples of disability hate-speech. Micheal, you are treading on very thin ice.
      Why don't you have a wider 'google' on the topic, and see how welcome your language would be on most autism-related pages, forums or blogs.
    • Michael Fearnley Well, the people on those forums aren't the physical personification of those words so I guess it wouldn't be OK...
    • Cannabis for Autism Haha, fake autistic person warning. Greg Weister, you can diagnose fake autism over the internet? You must be the world's greatest psychiatrist.
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    • Cannabis for Autism 'Fucktard' is DISABILITY HATE SPEECH. Please refrain from using that word on all autism related forums, thank you for your kind consideration.
    • Michael Fearnley From ED - "A fucktard is a special variety of retard whose condition arises not from clinically demonstrable neurological impairment, but from buttersnap shitfuckery of the mind" I.E. You.
    • Cannabis for Autism Fucking fake asperger's everywhere. Look - I found another...
      Posts about Julian Pursell written by Peter Reynolds
    • Michael Fearnley Leave Peter alone. He's done more with his life than you'll ever do. Do you actually have a medical diagnosis?
    • Henry Chinaski i haven't try it yet -i'm still waiting for the seeds to germinate- but it seems to be the best remedy for lung and respiratory ailments. 

      i read about people experiences in different forums. in one, people relating their experiences with "changa" (dm
      t plus a herbal medium) wrote about "spontaneous healing" of lung/respiratory problems by the use of mullein as medium to roll up dmt

      i was thinking about making infusions or mixing it up with cannabis extracts etc
      The plant has a long history of use as a herbal remedy,[3] and is an effective treatment for asthma and respiratory disorders.[dubious– discuss] Extracts made from the plant's flowers are a very effective treatment for ear infections.[citation needed] Although this plant is a recent arrival to North...
    • Cannabis for Autism No, that's me on peter's website, so I won't leave it alone, and as he's threatened me with legal action once, he's got me as a problem for life now. He is a GRASS.

      Other people say he hit is partner (female), he's done time for fraud, and that he's a racist, a sexist and more besides, but I don't know about all that stuff.

      All I know is he's a GRASS, and that's fucking serious.
    • Cannabis for Autism Yes I have an actual medical diagnosis of an actual autistic spectrum condition.
    • Michael Fearnley You NEED threatening by the looks of things!
    • Michael Fearnley So do I so STFU!!!
    • Cannabis for Autism Are you threatening me Michael Fearnley?
    • Cannabis for Autism Do you think that threatening autistic people is a good way to get them to improve their behaviours, Michael Fearnley?

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