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Who Washes The Washlady?

Cannabis for Autism
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  • Sadly, this page is lacking a certain class of person. This kind of person has no reason to like this page because they don't have autism, and they no longer have a child with autism, but this kind of person can be found elsewhere on the web. This is the saddest story, and I hope it makes you think about the value of 'anecdote'.

    "We had a beautiful baby boy. We were hippies so we didn't believe in vaccinations, we weren't sure, but the autism scare made us sure that vaccinations weren't for us. Around 18 months of age, we noticed things were different about our beautiful baby boy. After a 3 year struggle, we finally managed to get to see three specialists which eventually led to an autism diagnosis. We still didn't vaccinate our boy. We loved him. He was beautiful. Age nine, he contracted a serious case of measles. In those last few days of life, at the height of his fever, his autism symptoms all but disappeared. That was the only time he ever was able to articulate those words: 'I love you mom, I love you dad'. We have two beautiful girls now. Both fully vaccinated, neither has autism."
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    • Sarah Balfour Jules, how can you say "no longer have a child with autism"...?! Unless that child has died, they'll always have autism. Just because they're now an adult, they're STILL their parents' child!
    • Mike Colbourne How do I know if the Child would or wouldn't have had autism regardless of being vaccinated or not???
    • Marjorie Skov I'm not so sure this is a real story.
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    • Julia Mae Thies The child did die Sarah, that is the point.
    • Cannabis for Autism I couldn't type it up without tears in my eyes.

      Marjorie, what's so unbelievable about it?

      Sarah, the child did die, that's the point.
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    • Amanda Marie Stoker still not vaccinating my kid. Most children dont die from measles.
    • Cannabis for Autism Mike, the child did not have vaccines, the child did have autism.

      There's no way to simultaneously vaccinate and not vaccinate a child, what are you trying to ask, it doesn't make sense?
    • Dawn Patricolo-Gonzalez My son got all vaccinations until age 5... He was diagnosed with Aspergers at 5, no more vaccinations here.
    • Mike Colbourne "My son got all vaccinations until age 5... He was diagnosed with Aspergers at 5, no more vaccinations here." That's the point I was making. But I wish you & your family all the best.
    • Cannabis for Autism Amanda, if your healthy kid survives measles, but runs around giving it to other kids, and some of those other kids die, is that ok? Measles kills about one in 300 in countries with modern healthcare, and it kills as many as one in 3 in countries with little or no healthcare. Amongst unvaccinated populations, around 90% will contract measles.

      So if your child with measles was introduced to a school of 1200 unvaccinated kids, you would be responsible, on average, for 4 deaths, and several more cases of permanent disability.

      You're welcome to stay, but I think you're a bit too murder-ey for me to want you and your disease vector children around me and my mates, no offence.
    • Cannabis for Autism Please people, don't believe anyone who says measles is not dangerous. Read it for yourself:
    • Amanda Marie Stoker well if all those kids are vaccinated why should it be a problem?
    • Amanda Marie Stoker so I introduce my kid to 1200 unvaccinated kids? well what about THOSE kids? your logic is flawed
    • Amanda Marie Stoker if they were all unvaccinated how would it be MY fault? They had the same oppurtunity to Vax there kids as I.
    • Amanda Marie Stoker For someone who runs a page about Cannibas your a bit to "do EVERYTHING your government tells you" for me...
    • Cannabis for Autism Because you can still give it to babies who aren't yet vaccinated, and mortality rates are higher amongst newborns. Just imagine if a nurse wasn't vaccinated, and she contracted measles (which is infectious but shows no symptoms for 9 or 10 days) and she went into the newborns ward and gave it to 90% of the babies in there? I'm with the Perplexed Patients of Unvaccinated Nurses. on this one.

      Have you ever heard of herd immunity?
    • Cannabis for Autism Amanda I hope to got you're not studying anything important at Ashford. I'd hate to see you end up in a safety critical role of any kind, your logic is nuts!
    • Cannabis for Autism And it's 'cannabis', not 'cannibas', and it's "you're", not "your".
    • Amanda Marie Stoker Well, I have multiple sclerosis which my doctor believes was caused by being constatnly vaccinated for things your body is able to fight off. Secondly you never ever answered my question about why my kid would be in a school of 1200 kids that were unvaccinated
    • Marjorie Skov It sounds like a story made up from someone trying to push vaccinations. "We were hippies..." BULLSHIT. Who the fuck says this. "Hippies" is not a thing, "hippies" is a word used by others to describe someone as being a dirty, uneducated pot smoker. They are trying to paint a picture here. "The autism scare...", it wasn't an "autism scare", it is a reality for many, MANY, too many families and when you have a kid and something doesn't seem right and doctors won't listen to you, you research, you read, you see. When you are the mom and pens every single moment with your baby for years, you know everything about that kid and even the slightest change and you don't need a doctor to tell you what is already in your heart. NOBODY knows their kid better than their mom. If, and it is a very big IF, if this story is real, then I would want to be in line to hug these parents for their loss, but, unless you actually know the people who wrote this, I would really question it's validity. There are some sick individuals in this world who don't mind lying about something this serious just to push their agenda. All I know is that if this had happened to my son, there sure would be a lot more emotion in my writing than this cut and dry, cold description of the "facts" about what happened. Just a little too convenient for me. But, like I said, I could be wrong but my instincts are just telling me I am not. It may or may not be due to my experience with being mom to an aspbergers boy for almost eleven years.
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    • Amanda Marie Stoker LOL actually i plan on being a greif counselour for children. have a nice day you fucking idiot
    • Cannabis for Autism *and it's "too" not "to".

      What did you say you were studying again? Not english I hope, and god help us if it's medicine.
    • Cannabis for Autism Oh no, you're studying psychology! God help us!!!! The stupid, it burns, it burns, it freeeeeziz!!!
    • Amanda Marie Stoker sorry I am posting to facbook not writing a term paper I guess my PERFECT gpa must mean Im stupid
    • Amanda Marie Stoker Stop talking to me now please. I unliked your page
    • Cannabis for Autism Amanda, the 1200 kid school is your invention. No one else would be stupid enough to put 1200 unvaccinated kids together. Most people aren't even stupid enough to have one unvaccinated child, without good reason (and your reasons aren't good - you are a compliant sheep who believes everything your doctor tells you).

      Is that the same doctor who told you healthy people can just 'fight off' tetanus or polio?
    • Cannabis for Autism Wow, Marjorie, isn't it even worth considering that the story might be true, because if it is, you're making yourself look like a complete crazy loon.
    • Cannabis for Autism Amanda Marie Stoker, you are a SOCIOPATH. I've seen it all before. Now I've spoken too you after you unliked the page (even though you spoke to your friend Rachel on my page), you are going to cry 'harassment'.
      seen it all before, dated girls like you when I was young and naiive, I'll take none of your shit ma'am.
    • Cannabis for Autism *splutter* perfect GPA? Who washes the washlady? Forget the watchmen, we can't even wash ourselves!

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