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Any Legitimate Cannabis for Autism Research on the Radar?


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    • Cannabis for Autism Yesterday was just another day. If you haven't seen this happen in real life then you cannot possibly know...


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    • Jenny McCarthy Body Count Hello, CFA. I'm a little confused. This looks like a screenshot of a post being made on this page, but no post ever appeared on this page, and there is no post in the spam folder. Thanks.
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    • Cannabis for Autism Hi JMBC/Derek, my comment from yesterday is only visible to you and me due to the 'spam' filter. The SbSbAoA blog post tells a simple story of the day in the life of an asperger medical cannabis user.

      We support this page more than you could know, and we dislike the 'anti-vaccine' movement for the damage they do to everyone and especially the autism community.

      What you must realise is that to deny something due to 'lack of research' is fine 'in the large' but it is not fine 'in the small'.

      There are thousands and thousands of autistic people benefiting safely from cannabis every day and you can find them if you care to look.

      They cannot ALL be hopelessly addicted, deluded and a complete asshole like me. We cannot all be lying off-topic drug peddlers.

      When your members say things to me, they are talking to a real flesh-and-blood individual who is going to be active in the 'autism community' for perhaps the next 60 years.

      Perhaps a little caution could be exercised?

      Or just do the right thing and PROVE to us that cannabis DOES NOT treat autism and we will retreat, embarrassed.

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    • Jenny McCarthy Body Count Hello, CfA.

      I have no data one way or the other to either support or oppose the medical use of cannabis for autism symptoms. However, the onus is actually on the person, or group, making a claim to prove that it works.

      I think the strong reaction you are getting from some science-based medicine advocates is because the claims being made are similar to the "correlation/causation" claims being made by antivaxxers. "I gave my child a vaccine and he got autism. Therefore the vaccine caused the autism." and "I smoked cannabis and my autism symptoms went away. Therefore the cannabis cured the autism."

      If you can link to a double-blinded, science-based, medical case study regarding the effectiveness of cannabis in autism treatment then more people might be more willing to accept it. However, if no such study has been done and you are only able to provide anecdotes then more people will not be willing to accept your claims.

      It is evidence that is all-important. Nothing else matters.


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    • Cannabis for Autism I wish the 'strong reaction' really came from correlation/causation claims but that just doesn't apply in this case. Vaccines happen once, as does onset of autism.

      I only became autistic once (roughly around the time of my birth, give or take 9 months, 2 years, or six generations, depending on where you stand on these things).

      The 'experiment' happens again and again. Here is a quick write up of yesterday's experiment:

      "Jacob, who stays in a house in London with a group of friends and with the kind permission of the owner who is in a home with dementia, needing guardians to keep the house out of the hands of her evil brother in law, has done it again.

      This morning he foolishly believed that a small period of non-medication would do no harm. How wrong. That's the problem with cannabis. It's a de-habituant. It makes you give itself up from time to time. Jacob got into an argument with one of those 'I want to help autistic people' types who, rather disgracefully in the truest sense of the word, did the unimaginative and accused our 'cub of a) not being autistic and b) being deluded by cannabis and c) being addicted to cannabis.

      Not wanting to come to blows, our 'cub heads out into the streets in search of medicine and, having nearly been run over by a car on the way, finds some easily and fixes the autism problem simply and easily. How easy."

      For me it's easy to prove it to myself and anyone else who can actually be bothered to be around me and pay attention.

      To prove to YOU would take stage III clinical trials at a cost of around $100,000,000.

      If I don't trust myself to judge, all I need to do is go to a psychiatrist on/off the medicine and see what diagnosis I get / fail to get.

      Why, when Multiply Sclerosis affects only 1 in 300 people and of those, only one in ten can be treated with cannabis, can they cause a £130,000,000 cannabis medicine company to spring up around them (GW Pharma) when the whopping 1% of people with autism can't get anywhere?

      Could it be that people with MS aren't autistic so when they tell their doctors that cannabis helps, their doctors take it seriously. When autistic people say 'I have found a treatment that works for me' we get treated like heretics.

      Not only when the treatment is cannabis, but when it is yoga too!

      Could it be the autism that is making it difficult for us to persuade pharmaceutical companies to research this? Are we just very poor at selling our ideas?

      I use cannabis to bring my symptoms down to a level where people don't try to murder me, not to turn me into a salesperson!

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    • Jenny McCarthy Body Count CfA, it's not about proving it to me, or to any individual. It's about proving it scientifically. If you can't do that then it's just an anecdote.

      Please keep in mind that I'm happy that you have found something that seems to work for you, but your reasoning behind it is no different than Jenny McCarthy's "mommy instinct" because neither has yet been shown to be scientifically accurate.

      This does not mean that it is not accurate, only that it is unproven at this date. Please understand that I am not attacking you for your beliefs. I am simply saying that your beliefs are just beliefs until they can be scientifically proven.

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    • Cannabis for Autism JMBC, we know, I know, we all know that the proper scientific proof is not there.

      C4A exists for two reasons:
      1) To call for more research.
      2) To inform those who will not hear it from their doctors.

      In the meantime, all we have is the single prospective case study by Kurtz, the Montana study (unreleased) and a rumour that a team in Luxembourg is doing research.

      As far as I can see, all anecdotes and data point to the 'trend' that cannabis may treat autism (or delude people into thinking their autism is treated).

      We also note that every single claim ever made about the health benefits of cannabis is later shown scientifically to have some weight behind it.

      Is the autistic population the only population to be sad enough to be deluded into thinking cannabis helps, when it doesn't.

      It is getting ridiculously easy for me to find supporting pseudoscience and this pseudoscience is finding it's way around the internet and onto televised news!

      Nature abhors a vacuum, and a research vacuum is no different.

      Increased blood flow to the superior temporal gyrus?
      Reduced CB1 expression in autistic individuals.
      'Autistic' CNR1(-/-) knockout phenotypes?

      It's all looking really obvious from a pseudoscience point of view.

      Don't lump me in with those who confuse 'correllation and causation over vaccines'. I am not confused, I don't believe that vaccines cause autism and I don't believe that cannabis can either cause or cure autism.

      Cannabis gives symptomatic relief of autism, not a cure!

      I am glad you are happy that it works for me. It seems to work for more than 7 out of every 10 autistic people. I'd be happier for them if they actually had access to it like I do (well, maybe 10 days in every 14 i do!).

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    • Cannabis for Autism two: http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=66949351

      Luxembourg, cannabidiol for autism!

      Cannabis Science, Inc. CBIS Stock Message: Cannabidiol for Autism in Luxembourg?

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