Friday, 21 October 2011

Some Sense

Some may sense that the human race is under some population pressure, and that infectious disease is one option for population reduction.

If this was the case, with a small leap of imagination, the child could receive instructions, in utero, to develop a better immune system and a more analytical mind along with a disconnect from normal sociability (and a slightly larger head).

The mother could later be inclined to fight against disease control methods. Even going so far as to become unfathomably passionately vocal against immunisation or anything else that so much as resembles sensible infection control methodologies.

A poor lady's response to a population crisis may be to try to outrun the pack by having more offspring. A rich lady's options are somewhat less obvious. When the morality of the day forbids the generation of dozens of kids of one's own, then what can one legally do to reduce the size of the surrounding population by way of compensation?

It's not called a human race for nothing, and all forms of locomotion including cheating and sabotage are not only permissible but inevitable under Hobs law.

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