Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cannabis for Autism: Yet more inadmissible proof.

Jacob, who stays in a house in London with a group of friends and with the kind permission of the owner who is in a home with dementia, needing guardians to keep the house out of the hands of her evil brother in law, has done it again.

This morning he foolishly believed that a small period of non-medication would do no harm. How wrong. That's the problem with cannabis. It's a de-habituant. It makes you give itself up from time to time. Jacob got into an argument with one of those 'I want to help autistic people' types who, rather disgracefully in the truest sense of the word, did the unimaginative and accused our 'cub of a) not being autistic and b) being deluded by cannabis and c) being addicted to cannabis.

Not wanting to come to blows, our 'cub heads out into the streets in search of medicine and, having nearly been run over by a car on the way, finds some easily and fixes the autism problem simply and easily. How easy.

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