Thursday, 13 October 2011

Hyper-nutrition as a driver for ASD

When you were an egg in your mummy's tummy when your grandmother was pregnant with your mother, your great-great grandmother, your great-grandmother, and your grandmother all sang a song to your mother, and that song was taught to your great-great grandmother by your great-great-great-great grandmother, you heard it, and it's encoding onto your 'junk dna' was reinforced. That song spanned six generations of women, sometimes it can span as many as ten generations.

Nothing new here, just a slightly more politically correct hypothesis for a possible 'cause' of autism than the one presented in the previous post.

Looking at thisthis and now this, along with the baffling set of demographic correlates for ASD, one finds it hard to ignore the possibility that these correlates are all compatible with a streamlining of the diet, maybe over a small number of generations, giving rise to exploratory evolutionary changes in the human race.

The only thing that autistic people have in common is the triad of social impairments, which could be a fundamental requirement for exploratory evolution. As for the rest of the differences we find from one autistic individual to the next, there seems to be no end to the variation. As if mother nature is telling the human race to let it's hair down and find a new trend!

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  1. A person who runs a page on autism is confused. This blog post is all about how all autistic people have something in common, whilst also having uniqueness like everyone else, to call their own.